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ssl certificates
SSL Secure Certificates
Keep Information Private and Encrypted

Why Buy an SSL Certificate
Only when your customers trust that their credit card numbers and information can be handled safely will you run a successful ecommerce web site.

The recent outbreak of malicious phishing and pharming schemes and fear of inadequate online security cause many web sites to lose business to many potential customers who are afraid to do business online. Online customers worry their sensitive financial and credit card data will be stolen.

Build trust in your web site and company with our ssl secure certificates security and authentication.

Installing a secure SSL certificate on your web site allows you to secure your online business, therefore, building customer confidence, by securing transactions with up to 256-bit encryption. secure certificate
  • For Only $29.95 You Receive
  • A Fully validated certificate
  • Up to 256-bit encryption
  • 99% percent browser recognition
  • Certificate issued within minutes
  • Outstanding customer support
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How SSL Certificates Work
Your server uses a public key, which is used to encrypt messages to your (i.e., the certificate holder’s) server and is contained in your certificate, and a private key, which is stored on your local computer and “decrypts” the secure messages so they can be read by your server. In order to establish an encrypted link between your web site and your customer’s web browser your web sites server will match your issued SSL certificate to your private key. Because only your web sites server has access to its own private key, only the web sites server can decrypt SSL encrypted data.

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