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Tips & Tricks

Some of the most helpful information for HTML can be found right here. It's the small things that count when building web sites, and hopefully this will be a good reference for finding what those are.

How do I get rid of the white space between my graphics at the top of the screen?
Web browsers automatically set margins to the left and top of the viewing area. To quickly eliminate this, set your margins to 0 in the body tag:
style = "margin: 0px;"

I put a link on one of my images, and a border is appearing around it and I never specified a border.
When you put a link on an image, the browser automatically puts a border around it to let you know that image is linked. To eliminate the border, set the border equal to 0 in your image tag:
border = 0
or if you want to keep the border, but use a different color, insert a style tag inside your <a> tag. The following would make the border black, no matter what your link colors are:
style = "color: #000000;"

How can I change the web browser title to read what I want?
You can set this by using the <title> tag. This should be included inside <head> tags, directly after the <html> tag and right before the <body> tag. To get a better idea of how to do this, see the code below:

    <title>Put your page title here.<title>


How do I open up a new window when someone clicks on a link?
Add a target tag inside your <a> tag. Set the target name equal to something not already being used by another open window or a frame name.
frame = "new_window"

Is there a way to remove the underlining from my links?
Yes. Insert the following in your <a> tags, or in your style sheet where you define your links (if inserting this in your style sheet you must omit the style tag and the quotes):
style = "text-decoration: none;"

Quick Easy Graphics
Do yourself a favor and check out our collection of webdings codes. The are a fantastic collection of graphics that our easily forgotten about in daily programming.

Why is my background white on some browsers, but gray on others?
The default background color in some browsers is gray. You should add a color tag inside your <body> tag (or a background-color tag inside your style sheet) to assure it's the same color on all browsers.
style = "text-decoration: none;"
color = "#FFFFFF" or background-color: #FFFFFF;

How can I keep my background image from scrolling with the page?
Add the following in your <body> tag:
bgproperties = fixed

If you have any programming tips, information, or scripts you would like to add to the site e-mail it to webmaster@webhostingwit.com

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