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Don't let someone else register your future domain name.

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We have secured low discount domain name prices for you, so you can register all of the extentions for your domain names. Who knows, you may have the next Yahoo or Google? Who would have thought names such as those would have been worth so much? At these low prices make sure you register the .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us, and .ws for your domain name. This ties them up, so no one else can use them. You may forward all of the domain names you purchase to your main domain names address.

Frequently Asked Domain Name Questions
  • QUESTION: How do domain names work?
    «ANSWER: A domain name is very similar to an address forwarding service. The domain name is the address people type in their web browser to get to your web site. The domain name then points to the "real" address that contains your web site. The "real" address is called the IP address and is a series of numbers, such as This IP address then points to the location on the server that contains your web site files. The reason we use domain names instead of IP addresses is because for most people a name, rather than a series of numbers, is much easier to remember. So, your domain name points to your IP address, which in turn points to your web site which allows users all across the Internet to view your web pages.
  • QUESTION: What do .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .ws, and .us represent?
    «ANSWER: It is recommended that a business or individual with a unique idea, design, concept or service on the Internet acquire ALL extensions (TLDs) available for identity and trademark protection & fraud prevention.
    • .com — ("commercial") The most common extension for domain names. Often represents companies or for-profit organizations. Most personal Web sites also use this extension.
    • .net — Generally represents Internet Service Providers (ISPs).
    • .org — Usually represents non-profit organizations or groups.
    • .biz — ("business") Reserved for use by businesses.
    • .info — Made for both businesses and individuals. Usage is unrestricted, but a .info TLD indicates that the Web site primarily is informative.
    • .ws — (Web Site) An all-around, universally available top-level domain.
    • .us — Country-code top-level domain available for registrants in the United States.
  • QUESTION: What if the Domain Name is taken?
    «ANSWER: If a name you want is already registered you may still be able to get it. Secure your chance to snap it up the instant it expires. Click the following link to backorder domain names.
  • QUESTION: What is a name server?
    «ANSWER: Name servers are the Internet's equivalent to a phone book. A name server maintains a directory of domain names and matching IP addresses. The information from all the name servers across the Internet is then gathered in the Central Registry. Host companies check in with the Central Registry on a regular schedule to get updated name server information, which makes it possible for people across the Internet to access your web site. When your domain is set up, information about your domain name is added to our name servers. That information is then sent from us to the Central Registry to be used by the other name servers on the Internet.

    It usually takes about 48 hours before name servers on other networks will be able to access the information after the Central Registry gets it. This 48-hour period is referred to as propagation.'s name servers are: and
  • QUESTION: What is DNS and how do I manage my DNS?
    «ANSWER: Your DNS or Domain Name Server is the system that allows your web site to be displayed when the user types in Log in to your account and use the options in the drop down menu next to the domain you wish to manage. You can choose from Sub-Domains, MX Record or Advanced DNS. And we've made it even easier by adding a 'friendly' interface under the Advanced DNS option to help you with your sub-domains and MX records.
  • QUESTION: Should I enter valid Contact Information?
    «ANSWER: Yes, valid Contact Information is required for each domain contact (Registrant, Technical, Billing and Administrative). ICANN (the governing body for domain names) requires you register the domain name with valid information.
    If you enter false information your domain name will be cancelled!
    Contact Information is public and is available though most Registrar's Who-Is databases.
  • QUESTION: Is there anyway to hide my personal information in the Whois directory?
    «ANSWER: YES! You should know that the information listed on your domain name has to be made publicly available per our Registrar’s agreement with ICANN, the international governing body of domain names. Using false information will violate the registration agreement and lead to the termination of your domain registration. That is also by agreement with ICANN.

    However, offers a solution! You can now have all the benefits of a domain name registration without exposing your personal information for everyone to see. When you purchase our private domain registration services, the WHO-IS directory will list Domains By Proxy’s name, postal address and phone number instead of yours. Although Domains By Proxy is the Registrant of your domain name registration, you still retain the FULL BENEFITS OF DOMAIN REGISTRATION.
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